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Did You Know You Have Options?

It’s not every day that you need a loan – thank goodness! But when you do, you should be armed with knowledge from experts who you can TRUST. Sure, you can go to a bank, but are they going to turn you down? If they approve your loan, is it under terms you can manage, and will it be processed promptly? Unity Global Financial is all about helping people make the right decisions regarding their real estate and business’s financial requirements, and then pairing them with the lenders who can give them WHAT they need, WHEN they need it!

Over the past 13 years, in a variety of economic climates, they’ve done just that! Their CERTIFIED financial mediators have helped innumerable clients find, apply for, and receive the capital that enabled them to:

  • acquire seed-money for real-estate ventures and start-up businesses
  • get bridge-financing needed due to construction delays, cost overruns, and unforeseen operational funding gaps
  • procure residential and commercial mortgages
  • find private investors, in the perfect win-win scenario for client and lender

Real Estate Financing You Deserve

Take a few minutes to read this testimonial from a valued customer – Residential Real Estate developer, Ed Whited – who found the guidance and financing he was looking for through Unity Global Financial. We think you’ll be excited about what he has to say!

“I am writing to thank Patrick Ampem and Unity Global Financial for the exceptional work they provided in securing the financing I needed to make the launch of Gemstone Custom Homes a success.

After dealing with other financial brokers and paying out large retaining fees, it became clear that those brokers’ sole purpose for helping me was only for monetary reward. They did not care about my success.

Conversely, from our initial meetings, Patrick showed the honesty, integrity, and transparency that convinced me Unity Global Financial was the company that I could trust to secure the funds required to further my business venture.

Unity Global’s mandate to “Leave No Stone Unturned” when finding financing was not lip service – Patrick worked tirelessly. I cannot thank him enough for the many hours he put in, persevering after hours without compensation. He even gave me late-night updates when I needed them to keep me informed. Those updates alleviated my anxiety and stress while allowing me to focus on the business at hand. I came from Windsor, Ontario, to launch my Custom Home Venture, and that seemed to make Patrick and Unity Global even more determined to convince prospective lenders to invest with me. They wanted to see me find financing and succeed.

Coming from an era when a mere handshake sealed an agreement, it is very refreshing to work with business people who show good morals and unselfish virtues.

As a result of attaining the financing I needed, Gemstone Custom Homes has positive reviews flowing in and a sound business plan in place. I feel we are well on our way to establishing a successful company, partly due to Patrick Ampem’s efforts on our behalf. He is truly a blessing and an asset to Unity Global Financial.

I would not hesitate to recommend Unity Global Financial to other business associates looking to secure financing for new business ventures or different financial needs.

Ed Whited


Gemstone Custom Homes

Still, have Real Estate and Business Financing Questions?

 If you still doubt whether Unity Global Financial can help you in your quest for financing, talk to one of their CERTIFIED EXPERTS. These are advisors who you can TRUST, and they will help you put your apprehensions to bed once and for all. Don’t wait for another day or sleepless night to pass! Turn your DREAMS into a REALITY!